One last comic for the month! This has been a very wonderful month of comics. I also managed to get a lot done in terms of my next book and some commissions! I’ve been super productive this month! I am very pleased to have announce the release of Yogurt Short Comics Vol.8 this coming May 6, 2021! You can pre-order a copy of the book HERE. Also, checkout the book cover I’ve made for it too! It’s a wonderful, warmly lit autumn scene with just Yogurt and Berry! Vol.8 will be one of my finest Yogurt books to date, so I’m really proud for it to get this far!

Anyways, this is the last comic for the month. In this comic, Olivia wants to take a photo of everyone under the cherry trees to keep as a memory. She hands her phone over to her maid, only to realize that she also wants her in the photo as well! Her maid comes up with the idea that they should call “Spot” to help them take a group photo. Yogurt is curious as to who Spot was, until slowly she hears strange robotic noises approaching the group. Spot is a quadruped robot with a robotic arm for grabbing things!