Another comic for the week! We’re getting really close to the end of this month’s chapter. There’s only one more comic after this, then I’ll be cleaning up the month with some other illustrations and commissions I have on queue! In addition to that, I hope to continue getting more stuff done on my book. As mentioned before, the bulk of the book is done, but there’s still some extra content that needs to be finished.

In this comic, Risa is admiring the view of the cherry tree. It’s something that she’s been doing quite a bit this chapter! She’s been reminiscing the times when she was younger and visited Japan with her family. Even the times when Shu came over to visit is of significance. In some ways, she kind of yearns to see Shu again and to visit Japan once more. The sight of the cherry trees reminds her of that. Of course, she wants to invite Terry, now her significant other, to go to Japan with her when she does. Wouldn’t that be an interesting vacation?