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Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack Vol.2

After a successful run with my first album, I didn’t quite want to call it quits just yet. There are a lot of sounds out there, and I’m always finding new instruments and reasons for inspiration. I’ve realized that one image soundtrack wasn’t enough to really paint all the moments in my comic series. I’d like to announce the second volume of the Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack!

Just like the first album, I hope to have a wide variety of instrumental background music produced and lined up for this new album. In addition, I will also be producing more character-specific instrumentals, which I hope will help paint characters a little more than what you can read in the comics. Regrettably this time around, I will not have the luxury of having a second composer to work together with. Instead, I will be delivering each and every piece in this album to the best of my abilities.

The album is freely available for download on Bandcamp. The physical CD is available for purchase right here on my site!

Album Details:

Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack Vol. 2
Music Inspired by the Comic Series

Lee Cheong Loong (YogurtM)


No. of Tracks:
21 Tracks

Various, Instrumental, Soundtrack

Media Format:
Digital Download (Name your price)
Physical CD (RRP $30 CAD)

Release Date:
February 2019

Catalogue No.:

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1. Yogurt (Vol.2 Introduction)

The start of a new album! This is the opening piece to the second volume of the Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack collection! After drawing out the cover art for the album, I knew I needed to arrange a piece that matched the cover art, something airy and very open, complete with matching sounds of nature. Borrowing the original Yogurt melody, I managed to twist it around to fit the new opening arrangement.

2. Digital Window (YogurtM Arrange)

A new piece from me! This one is most definitely related to the Yogurt Short Comics series. It’s another theme related to Risa and her computer geekiness. Throw in cute sounds and somewhat chiptune noises, and we have another piece that paints Risa doing her everyday thing.

3. Across the Board (YogurtM Arrange)

A new Yogurt OST piece! With the first soundtrack just recently released, I’ve begun compiling new pieces and arranges for an upcoming Vol.2 soundtrack. I have hopes to make the new soundtrack full of fun and interesting pieces to help paint a more colorful image of my series.

Risa’s Digital Window has left me wondering how I could make a piece for Olivia. She doesn’t quite have a piece of her own just yet, but I think this one might do the trick. This piece was inspired by her energetic and outgoing personality, as well as by her regular board game nights and role-playing adventures. There’s definitely a very folkish feeling coming out of this piece.

4. Her Father’s (YogurtM Arrange)

A new piece for Yogurt OST Vol.2! A rather simple, improvised piano piece. There’s a scene that I imagined involving Yogurt’s dad cracking open an old piano decorated with photographic mementos of his family, as well as his late wife. After not having played anything in a long time, he taps a couple keys to find that it’s still surprisingly in-tune. He softly plays into the evening, piecing together what he recalls from a time long passed.

5. Flutters (YogurtM Arrange)

A very simple, cutesy piece for Yogurt! It’s not quite a character theme, but when putting this piece together, it’s hard not to imagine Yogurt doing something cute. It’s not perfect, but it definitely feels fun and rather innocent.

6. Turning Leaves (YogurtM Arrange)

A simple, folkish sound piece for the second Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack! I’ve been wanting to bring back that folkish sound similar to my earlier piece “Commute” from the first Yogurt OST. In a way, I think I’ve managed to nail it, but with updated instruments that sound a lot more authentic. It’s somewhat slow, but it definitely gives off a more rural feeling. I can imagine Yogurt traversing the countryside in the late summer/early fall season.

7. Light in the Night Sky (YogurtM Arrange)

A very slow improvised piano and violin piece. Every once in a blue moon, I take the Yogurt series on a more heartfelt, sincere direction. I show you some of Yogurt’s deepest thoughts and feelings. This piece in particular was inspired by a summer chapter of comics involving Yogurt watching the fireworks and recalling a familiar past. It’s the little moments like this, outside all of the slice-of-life hijinks, that really gives my series a little more depth. There’s so much going on within the characters that I’m not showing in the comics.

8. Horizon (YogurtM Arrange)

A somewhat more airy, dramatic piece for the Yogurt soundtrack. It’s kind of hard to picture where exactly I can see this in the Yogurt series, but it’s definitely a one time thing. If anything, I can kind of picture a scenario of a sunrise over the horizon.

9. Daisy Waltz (YogurtM Arrange)

A fun short arrange! It’s the Yogurt theme again, but arranged to be pretty generic waltzy piece. The first Yogurt album had “Sunny Waltz”, so this new arrange is pretty much an updated version of that. The clarinet, coupled together with cutesy clicks and pops makes for a fun image piece for the Yogurt series!

10. Cherished Moment (YogurtM Arrange)

Another piece for the second Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack! A simple piano and strings piece to help illustrate the slower paced, nostalgic moments that Yogurt tends to have throughout the series. Not quite Yogurt in deep thought, in fact, quite the opposite. I can imagine Yogurt spacing out as she lets feelings of nostalgia take over.

11. Shimmering Smile (YogurtM Arrange)

A fun filler piano piece. For the Yogurt soundtrack, you can’t really get enough of these simpler, playful pieces, especially since my comic series is chocked full of silly moments between my characters. It’s also a nice break between the melancholic and dramatic pieces in the album.

12. Freespirited (YogurtM Arrange)

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded any sounds. Here’s a slow, kind of jazzy/blues-ish piece with piano and clarinet. It’s a bit loungey, so I guess a piece like this would work anywhere in the Yogurt comics that calls for any sort of laidback-ness. It almost feels like it’ll work well as Terry’s theme, if you want to think of it that way.

13. Like Siblings (YogurtM Arrange)

Another simple piece for the Yogurt OST! This one is a cute one with xylophones in it. It doesn’t go with any one scene in my comics in particular, but I can imagine that it’ll work well for those cute moments where my characters act like they’re each other’s siblings or something. That or when actual siblings show up.

14. Mansion (YogurtM Arrange)

A new piece for the Yogurt OST! This one was a lot of fun to make. It has a vaguely ballroom dance feel to it. With a name like mansion, you’d think that it would be fitting for Olivia’s McMansion, but I think it fits more with the somewhat haunted mansion venue than anything else. I’ll leave it up to the imagination. If the piece ever gets used in a Yogurt scene, those would be the first places to hear it.

15. Motherly (YogurtM Arrange)

I’m back with another new piece to share! This starts off slow and builds up along with the Yogurt theme. In my mind, I could see the baby Yogurt scenes involving her mother. It somehow feels like the kind of piece you would hear when Yogurt recalls her mother. There’s a little bit of nostalgia, but at the same time, she looks back with pride instead of the usual depression.

16. Where the Lily Is (YogurtM Arrange)

Ah. It’s been a while since my last piece. There have been some fairly emotional chapters that took place since my last piece. I figured that I can have another slower, more emotional piece. It’s not particularly fresh, but I have been playing around with some new string samples in this one. In my mind, I was kind of imagining the chapter about Yogurt’s Mother’s passing. The name of this piece is the very same name as the short picture book that Yogurt and Berry made for Yogurt’s Mother. The melody for this piece has been borrowed from my first volume’s track “Family”.

17. Tranquil (YogurtM Arrange)

Here’s a fairly laid back piece. A bit of guitar, piano, and a flute! It’s quite soft and whispery. In some ways, it’s almost like the piece “Journey” from my first album. I can especially hear something like this in the Yogurt series when it approaches the more sentimental chapters. With the end of high school just around the corner by Vol.6, I picture a lot of rather soft moments.

18. Creeping (YogurtM Arrange)

Another piece for the Yogurt OST! This is a really simple one. I found that I was lacking something that felt creepy for all the moments in my comics that needed it. This was just me playing on what sounds like a strange piano, and I’m not even playing it very well. I think it kind of adds to the creepiness of it.

19. Yogurt’s Confession (YogurtM Arrange)

The Yogurt theme, but accompanied by an orchestra. If you haven’t read the comics already, the Childhood Arc of the series has reached the climax, with Yogurt confessing her feelings to her childhood friend, Gabriel. To celebrate, I wanted to put together a music piece of Yogurt’s theme in its full glory accompanied by violins, cellos, brass and horns and the likes. If you listen carefully, you’ll also catch Gabriel’s subtle theme, the piece called “Childhood Friend”. It kind of blends in with Yogurt’s theme nicely, which I think matches pretty well with the setting it’s based off.

20. Yogurt (Vol.2 Closing)

The closing piece for Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack Vol.2. It closes up the very same way that the series opens up in, by returning back to the windy countryside filled with nature and all. The Yogurt theme can be heard throughout the piece. Unchanging.

21. Yogurt Piano Medley (YogurtM Arrange)

One of the closing pieces (or collection rather) to the 2nd Yogurt OST! It’s a collection of impromptu piano pieces. Throughout my series, I can imagine the use of a variety of solely piano pieces. These are some of those pieces. They are very short and are very simple, but I think they are enough to capture the few intermittent moments.

Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack

A long awaited project will finally be taking off! In collaboration with the professional composer, Paul Cecchetti, I will be working to produce an instrumental soundtrack inspired by none other than the Yogurt Short Comics series! Comprising mainly of piano compositions, soft music, and various contemporary instrumentals delivered by both myself and Paul Cecchetti, we hope to compile an album that will capture the atmosphere of the comic series and feelings of the characters. Everything from the sentimental moments of Yogurt, to the light-hearted moments of when she’s with her friends.

For several years, I’ve been a pretty big fan of all sorts of instrumental soundtrack music. Having picked up piano myself, I’ve learned to compose several pieces that would eventually lead towards the beginning of a different kind of project: An image soundtrack. When people think of soundtracks, they think of music for movies, animations, TV shows, or even radio shows. However, soundtracks do exist for books and even comics, and as someone who really enjoys music, I want my readers to experience something that I wouldn’t be able to do by just writing and drawing comics.

The album is freely available for download on Bandcamp. In addition, a physical CD is also made available for purchase right here on my site!

Album Details:

Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack
Music Inspired by the Comic Series

Lee Cheong Loong (YogurtM)
Paul Cecchetti


No. of Tracks:
30 tracks
+Bonus Tracks (CD Only)

Various, Instrumental, Soundtrack

Media Format:
Digital Download (Name your price)
Physical CD w/ Bonus tracks (RRP $30 CAD)

Release Date:
June 11, 2016

Catalogue No.:

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1. Yogurt (YogurtM Live Arrange)

Surprise, surprise! The very first piece to start the Yogurt OST album is none other than Yogurt’s theme, played live in one go by our very own, YogurtM (Lee Cheong Loong). Digital music creation has never been my strong point, but I have played piano enough to compose my very own pieces, however simple they may be. While I may be responsible for composing the basic melodies of several pieces in the album, it wouldn’t feel quite right if I myself didn’t play a piece in my very own album. So I’ve performed a live recording of Yogurt’s theme as the opening piece to the soundtrack!

2. Rain (YogurtM Arrange)

The rain continues to pour… Here’s another Yogurt OST piece, once again, composed and arranged by your very own YogurtM (Lee Cheong Loong)! Inspired by the rainy days, the piece aims to capture the calmness in rainstorms, something that Yogurt has grown very fond of (minus thunder and lightning). Even Yogurt’s theme can be heard throughout this piece. This was the first time I’ve composed digital music using more than just the piano. Learning to use music software has always been daunting for me, but now that I’m committed to finishing a soundtrack, I’ll have to get to it.

3. Commute (YogurtM Arrange)

The third piece to the Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack, a collection of instrumental pieces inspired by the Yogurt Short Comics series! This piece was once again composed and arranged by your very own YogurtM (Lee Cheong Loong)! It’s a very simple piece, fitting for something like a morning commute in the countryside.

I’m still getting the hang of composing pieces digitally. Half the battle is really just finding just the right sounds for the arrangement. If all else fails, having another musician on board really helps.

4. Just Kidding (Paul Cecchetti Arrange)

Here’s another full track from the upcoming Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack! The original melody was composed several years back, but with the help of composer Paul Cecchetti in reimagining and arranging the piece, we are able to bring you a piece much closer to what I had imagined years back. This playful, light-hearted piece was inspired by the characters Risa and Terry, as well as any antics that follow. In a way, it’s their theme song!

5. Mountains (Paul Cecchetti Arrange)

This piece is a re-imagining by Paul of a composition that I’ve made several years back called, “A Beginning“. This new reprised version was meant to capture the feelings I’ve imagined back when Yogurt visited the mountains with her father, a significant point in Yogurt’s life. Here’s another tidbit: This was first piece arranged for the soundtrack, which dictated whether or not I was going to commit to producing a soundtrack.

6. Brainstorm (Paul Cecchetti Arrange)

Another piece for the Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack! This piece was composed and arranged entirely by Paul Cecchetti, the professional composer that I will be collaborating with in putting together the Yogurt soundtrack. This piece was meant to sound pretty quirky and fun. I can imagine Yogurt and her friends brainstorming ideas for a story, and things get a bit silly as ideas stretch out.

I don’t exactly want to take the spotlight every time by releasing all my own compositions, after all, this is a collaboration soundtrack. Having Paul’s work here and there helps balance things out in the album.

7. Musical Duet (Played by Yogurt and Berry)

Here’s a piece played by, you’ve guessed it, Yogurt and Berry! Together, they play their melodica and recorder (See Picture), instruments that many have grown up with in their childhood! The piece starts off with them playing “Hot Cross Buns”, a nursery rhyme that every kid knew how to play during my childhood. Of course, after Yogurt and Berry got the hang of it, they went off and made sweet, sweet music together.

It was nice having this in here. The point of image albums is that they paint a picture of the characters and stories that you just can’t achieve by writing or drawing comics. By matching the piece to the illustration I’ve drawn of them, the characters feel that much more alive.

8. Training (YogurtM Arrange)

Another piece arranged and composed by myself! This piece was heavily inspired by classic military marching bands, fifes, and drums. When Yogurt was training Berry how to swim, something like this piece came to mind. Not only that, but generally anywhere in my comics where characters are training each other, I would hear this kind of music. You could also imagine Yogurt and her friends about to embark on a hiking trip or something.

Composing music digitally is certainly quite a bit of fun, even if some of these pieces are simple. The idea of practically having an orchestra at my fingertips is still something that needs a bit of getting used to. Good instruments are pricey, but they are totally worth having in your arsenal.

9. Family (YogurtM Arrange)

A new piece for the Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack! Again, this piece was composed and arranged by your very own YogurtM (Lee Cheong Loong). The Yogurt series surprisingly has very sentimental moments that span far and few in-between the usual hijinks with Yogurt and her friends. In turn, the music in the soundtrack can jump back and forth between fun and happy, to slow and mellow.

This piece was inspired by one of the few Mother chapters in the series, the ones where Yogurt’s mom plays a significant role. In particular, I’m imagining the moment when Yogurt and her parents were taking a nap together as a family on their trip to the mountains, back when Yogurt’s mom was still around.

10. Sunny Waltz (YogurtM Arrange)

Here’s something a little more waltzy and simple. Essentially, it’s just the Yogurt theme again tied together to fit a triple metre, for that extra waltzy feel. The scenarios I imagine with this piece are generally light and cutesy moments, like Yogurt walking on leaves, or Chloe clinging to her brother. Not a very special piece, but essential nonetheless.

11. Techie (YogurtM Arrange)

To no surprise, this track was inspired by Risa’s character. In the comics, Risa has been shown to be up to date in the latest of electronics, as well as being someone who spends much of her time doing relatively geeky things compared to the other characters in the series. I’d imagine this simple 8-bit styled piece to play whenever Risa flexes her geekiness in any way, whether it’s showing Yogurt how to use a smartphone, or raging away on imageboards on the internet.

12. Lone (YogurtM Violin Solo)

A violin solo piece based off the melody taken from track 2, “Rain”. The piece feels slow and lonely, fitting for what I imagine would play during the lone, sentimental moments that Yogurt has on her own time. Anything from lone walks in the park, to self-reflecting at a bench.

13. Journey (YogurtM Arrange)

Another piece! This one combines a little bit of electronic sounds together with acoustic instruments, something a tad bit different than the rest of the soundtrack. This piece uses the same melody from track 3, “Commute”, and for a good reason. I imagine this piece when Yogurt is travelling, whether it’s in a car racing down the highway, or in an airplane travelling overseas.

14. Chef (Paul Cecchetti Arrange)

A new piece from Paul Cecchetti for the Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack! This is a lounge jazz rearrangement of Risa and Terry’s theme, which was track 4, Just Kidding. The more relaxing atmosphere of the piece was more to reflect Terry’s laidback character, as opposed to the childish Risa. I imagine this piece whenever Terry is prepping or cooking meals and dishes, but it could also be used when Terry is kicking back and relaxing.

15. Schoolyard (YogurtM and Paul Cecchetti Arrange)

A new piece! This one is a bit more ambient than some of the other ones. A nice, short piece that sort of paints a picture of a passing schoolyard with a bunch of kids playing in the background. This piece is also a collaboration between myself and Paul. It will also mark the last piece that Paul will be working on for this album, so I thought that a collab piece would give a nice close for his part!

16. Streamside (YogurtM Intermission)

An intermission piece in the middle of the Yogurt OST. The slow piano and cello melody is ripped straight from an earlier piece called “Family”. The deeper solo cello feels a lot more intimate, and that’s the only real difference.

17. Sunrise (YogurtM Arrange)

Full orchestral. At the very least, it is my first attempt at making something that sound remotely close to a full orchestra for the Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack. The end result was something pretty satisfying to me, and I’ll definitely look forward to working on more like it. This piece was inspired by a scene involving Yogurt overlooking a sunrise during one of her trips out of town, but I could also imagine the piece used for various inspirational moments in the series.

18. Joy (YogurtM Arrange)

Just like my drawings, I always end up going back to making cutesy things. As much as I’d like to experiment with different sounds and styles, I always come back to making simple and cute sounding music. Here’s another violin ensemble piece combining a bit of Risa and Yogurt’s theme. Complete with bells and airy instruments, it feels like a piece I could use for those days when Yogurt, Risa, or even Olivia, are hanging out, shopping, or prepping gifts. It does have a bit of a Christmas feeling too.

19. Trading (YogurtM Arrange)

Another simple and cutesy piece! In my mind, Yogurt and Berry are back again to play the melodica and recorder, only this time, they are playing along with me! It’s easy to imagine a piece like this being used for any cutesy moment in the comic series. I definitely can hear this while Yogurt is having her silly moments, like her building a tower of yogurt cups, or trading food with Berry.

20. Childhood Friend (YogurtM Live Arrange)

This takes me back. This piece is a refreshed arrangement of a piece taken from the old Yogurt recordings. It is based off the improvised piece called “Berry”. Of course, over the years, the main theme solidified into what is now used in this arrangement.

In a way, it is Berry’s theme, but not entirely. It’s more like Berry’s theme as thought of from Yogurt’s point of view. In fact, this piece borrows a lot from Yogurt’s theme. By all means, I’m no pianist, but I’ve been meaning to refresh this piece for a long time, so it’s nice to hear it again outside of a cruddy microphone recording.

21. Reflection (YogurtM Arrange)

This one was pretty fun to work on. The idea was to kind of bring back all sorts of elements from my previous pieces, including a variation of Yogurt’s theme and familiar melodies, hence the name “reflection”. As for how that ties to the comic series, I can imagine Yogurt looking back at how far she’s come, whether it’s physically or figuratively speaking.

22. Memories (YogurtM Arrange)

A new addition to the Yogurt OST! A slow, soft piano and violin piece for Yogurt. As the series progresses, the story will focus more on Yogurt. More often than not, Yogurt looks back and recalls certain memories that she holds dear. For the more subtle, sentimental memories, I’d imagine a piece like this would be fitting.

23. Gentle (YogurtM Arrange)

A slow, soft, and very simple piano and violin piece. It starts off with a very whispery piano before the violin and piano duo cuts in. As the name suggests, I’d imagine this piece to kind of paint the gentle moments in the comics, such as when Yogurt went stargazing with her friends.

24. Accomplishment (YogurtM Arrange)

A simple and light-hearted orchestral piece! The piece supposedly follows after the “Training” piece, as it even retains the same melody. I can kind of imagine the piece to paint a picture of Yogurt and her friends hard at work, whether they’re studying, building something together, or accomplishing a task as a team.

25. Hand In Hand (YogurtM Arrange)

Another slow, waltzy piano and viola piece. The piece borrows a lot of themes from my previous Yogurt arrangements, and it still manages to sound like a different track. I can easily imagine the piece to paint a picture of Yogurt and Berry going on a regular outing together, which happens more often than not whenever her friends don’t quite have anything planned.

26. My Band of Five (YogurtM Arrange)

I was playing around with some 8-bit sounding chip noises, and I got around to mixing it up with some acoustic instruments. The result is something that actually sounds fun to my ears. Incredibly simple, and nothing over the top. I can imagine Yogurt and her friends just hanging out and having fun. With a bunch of 8-bit sounds, you can almost picture Risa driving the group.

27. Afterthought (YogurtM Arrange)

Something a little bit cartoony. The piece definitely sounds like an afterthought, so I think it would be quite fitting for those scenes in my comics where Yogurt and her friends are building up to a punchline, or scenes of my characters cunningly sneaking around and stuff like that.

28. Her Wish (YogurtM Arrange)

Now this takes me back. This piece is actually a rearrangement of a piece that I recorded many years back as part of the Yogurt Image Pieces. It was originally under the title “School”, but seeing how we already have a more fitting piece for the schoolyard, I’ve opted to change it. Nothing really special, but hearing an older piece come to life with better instruments is always interesting.

In my mind, this is clearly a piece for Yogurt. The scenario that comes to mind would be the stargazing scene during Yogurt’s camping trip.

29. Yogurt (YogurtM Full Piano Arrange)

Back to the beginning, where it all began. This is the original full arrangement of Yogurt’s Theme, as I have been playing for several years. No, it’s not quite like the very first track in the album, since that was a rearranged intro piece. While the basic themes were transposed and used as foundations for several pieces in the album, there hasn’t been a track in the album that captured the original Yogurt’s Theme in its most raw and basic form. So, the last two pieces in the album will be just be that, Yogurt’s Theme.

30. Yogurt (YogurtM Music Box Arrange)

The last piece in the Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack is a music box arrangement of Yogurt’s Theme. It stays true to the original Yogurt’s Theme. With that, the soundtrack has been complete! The following tracks after this will simply be deleted tracks that didn’t quite make it into the original line. These tracks will be available on the Physical CD version only.

Original Works

Battle Piece (YogurtM Arrange)

Oops, indeed. After wanting to make an RPG battle theme to add to the Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack, I went a tad bit over board and made the piece sound far too “epic”, so to speak. While it won’t match up to more epic pieces out there, I figured it was worth sharing anyways. You can pretend that Yogurt and her friends are playing some RPG or D&D if you’d like.

Time To Fly (YogurtM Arrange)

A simple airy piece mixing up a bit of strings, airy guitars, and drums. It kind of gives off a post-rock feeling. I’ve borrowed a short melody segment from one of the pieces in the Yogurt OST, but by all means, I don’t intend to have this piece on the soundtrack. It’s pretty cool, though.

Lost Wings (YogurtM Arrange)

With the Yogurt Soundtrack completed, I’ve been messing around with making pieces that aren’t part of the Yogurt series. Ambient and Post-rock music can sometimes have a profound effect on me. It doesn’t try to be overly complex, but the texture in the sounds can paint large canvases in my mind. This is a piece where I’ve attempted to do just that. Airy pianos, guitars, strings, and subtle surreal sounds that paint a soundscape.

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