Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack Vol. 2 CD


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Music Inspired by the Comic Series!

After a successful run with my first album, I didn’t quite want to call it quits just yet. There are a lot of sounds out there, and I’m always finding new instruments and reasons for inspiration. I’ve realized that one image soundtrack wasn’t enough to really paint all the moments in my comic series. I’d like to announce the second volume of the Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack!

Just like the first album, I hope to have a wide variety of instrumental background music produced and lined up for this new album. In addition, I will also be producing more character-specific instrumentals, which I hope will help paint characters a little more than what you can read in the comics. Regrettably this time around, I will not have the luxury of having a second composer to work together with. Instead, I will be delivering each and every piece in this album to the best of my abilities.

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Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack Vol. 2
Music Inspired by the Comic Series

Lee Cheong Loong (YogurtM)


No. of Tracks:
21 tracks

Various, Instrumental, Soundtrack

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Physical CD

Release Date:
February 2019

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