It’s a new month and I have a new chapter of comics to share!! I just want to remind everyone that Yogurt Short Comics Vol.8 is open for pre-orders. I hope to have my book released by this coming May 6, 2021. In addition to taking pre-orders, I’ve also recently released Vol.7 as a digital ebook on my online shop! The decision to release digital copies of my printed books was made to give fans another option to obtain a copy of book, complete with all the extra content, as a digital version that can be viewed on any PDF viewer or ebook reader/tablet. I have been thinking that for my Childhood Arc books, it will be difficult to maintain stock of my printed copies, so I’ve been skirting the idea of ending the print runs for Vol.1-6 soon.

With the start of this chapter, we’re brought up to Yogurt who’s about to go for her final exam for the semester, and in turn, the third year of university! Time is really flying quickly through the comics that sometimes it’s easy to forget that they’re in school. Yogurt is incredibly nervous and anxious, as she is for every exam. Luckily, Berry came prepared. He hands Yogurt two tablets of antinausea medication, something that Yogurt can take to help keep her acid reflux down just for a little bit.