Yogurt Short Comics Vol.8


Another year older, and another year wiser. Follow Yogurt and her friends as they mature through the passing years!

Yogurt is back for another year, working extra hard to become a grade school teacher! Her friends have been keeping busy in life, slowly working their ways through the start of their careers. With Berry by her side, as well as her friends Risa, Terry, and Olivia, Yogurt will slowly begin to find her purpose in life and form bigger goals for herself and for others around her.

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Product Description

Book Details:
Includes content from October 2019 up to and including September 2020. Also includes exclusive extra story content and comic pages not available online. 

ISBN: 9780992039585
Language: English
Physical Details: 174~ Pages, Full-Colour, 8×10 in (20×25 cm)
Release Date: May 6, 2021
RRP: $59.99