Yogurt Short Comics Vol.3


Yogurt and her friends are back for their third year. Third year’s a charm!

Hypnotized by the blissfulness of everyday life, Yogurt is seemingly unaware of the changes that adolescence brings. However, she is not alone. Yogurt has her closest friends with her as she savors her last semesters in middle school together with her friends.

It has been almost three years since she had met Risa and Terry, an odd duo of personalities that had kept her company all this time. Risa is a small and feisty girl with an avid interest in all the latest gadgets. Terry is a star athlete in his school, who also has hopes of becoming a professional cook. For Yogurt, it was all thanks to Berry, her shy bookish childhood friend, that she was able to meet such wonderful people.

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Product Description

Book Details:
Includes content from October 2014 up to and including September 2015. Also includes exclusive extra story content and comic pages not available online.

ISBN: 9780992039523
Language: English
Physical Details: 234 Pages, Full-Colour, 6×9 in (15×23 cm)
Published: October 27, 2015