Yogurt Short Comics: The Complete Childhood Arc Digital Collection (PDF/EBook)


The complete Childhood Arc collection of the Yogurt Short Comics, now available as a digital PDF collection!

It gives me a great pleasure to be able to offer a digital format of my books that is compatible with ebook readers and pdf viewers to my readers both new and old! Although the comics are available online to read freely already, there’s a lot of extra content that most readers haven’t seen yet because they have previously only been made available in the physical copy of the books. In this complete digital collection, you’ll find over 900 comics, spanning across Volumes 1 to 6, which includes a variety of extra content such as additional comic pages and illustrations.

This digital collection is a page-by-page copy of my volume print books in the PDF digital format. It follows the entire Childhood Arc, from Yogurt in middle school all the way through to the end of high school. All of the ebooks are distributed in DRM-free PDF books in a single encrypted ZIP file, and upon purchase the password to unlock the file will be revealed in a thank you note.

Product Description

EBook Details:
Includes over 900 comics and content from October 2012 up to and including September 2018. Also includes exclusive extra story content and comic pages not available online. The complete Childhood Arc series from Volume 1 to 6 in DRM-free digital PDF format, distributed as a single compressed encrypted ZIP file. Password is revealed in a thank you note upon purchase.

Language: English
Digital Release date: October 29, 2019