Yogurt Short Comics Vol.4


Yogurt’s fourth step on her path towards growing up!

It’s high school. Gone were the days of Yogurt’s fun and exciting times in middle school, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops there. In her first year of high school, Yogurt quickly reunites with her middle school friends, and even meets a new face in the group, Olivia! Yogurt was quick to get used to Olivia’s wackiness! With all of them just starting out their first year, Yogurt learns that there’s actually a whole lot more in stock for her over the next few years as she walks up the path towards growing up!

Join Yogurt and her friends once again to explore the fun, little things in their lives in the fourth volume of Yogurt Short Comics!

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Product Description

Book Details:
Includes content from October 2015 up to and including September 2016. Also includes exclusive extra story content and comic pages not available online.

ISBN: 9780992039530
Language: English
Physical Details: 220 Pages, Full-Colour, 6×9 in (15×23 cm)
Release date: November 21, 2016
RRP: $35.99