Yogurt Short Comics Vol.1


From the webcomic series, to the first volume release. Enjoy the Yogurt Short Comics!

Our story follows Yogurt, a young and creative girl, together with her middle school friends, all of which are quirky in their own right.

Berry is her quiet and shy childhood friend, who enjoys composing stories. Risa is a short, but smart computer wizard, who also enjoys various sweets and treats. Finally there’s Terry, our brightest and most optimistic addition to the group. Together, they experience the joys and tiny pleasures of everyday life, through all the cute, relaxing, heart-warming, or even touching moments!

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Product Description

Book Details:
Includes content from October 2012 up to and including September 2013. Also includes exclusive extra story content and comic pages not available online.

ISBN: 9780992039509
Author: Lee Cheong Loong (YogurtM)

Language: English
Physical Details: 200 Pages, Full-Colour, 6×9 in (15×23 cm)
Published: October 1, 2013
RRP: $32