Another comic for the week! I have a pretty relevant comic for myself here. With the Edmonton Expo coming up this weekend, I’ve been prepping to get my displays and products ready to showcase for the convention! In this comic, Olivia is prepping up for her con too. Olivia, if you don’t quite recall, does a bit of writing and art on the side under the artist name “PuddingCreativity”, going as far as to write cute one-off webcomics and live off of commissions and stuff. While going through her own checklist of all the things that she needs to bring to the convention, she realizes that she had forgotten her cosplay. Olivia’s maid quickly reminds her that she hasn’t forgotten it. In fact, Olivia is wearing her cosplay!

This will be a fun weekend for me. I might not be able to get another comic out before the convention starts as I will need to prepare and tend to my booth. I will be bringing all sorts of Yogurt goodies there, including my books and music CDs! I will have a bunch of prints and charms that you can collect too! Check out Events for more info on what I will be bringing!