I’m back from the Edmonton Expo! Once again, thank you to everyone that has come out to meet me at the con! It was just such a pleasure to have met so many faces both new and old. This year has been such a huge success for me, and I’m very pleased with it all. I hope to attend the convention again next year, hopefully with more books, prints, and CDs in stock!

In this comic, Olivia is at a convention showcasing her works. She suddenly thinks about where Yogurt and everyone is and how they’re doing. So she decides to pull out her phone to shout out to them and probably ask them all to meet up on of these days. With high school done, these friends are going to have to take the initiative to meet up if they still want to be friends with each other.

As Olivia pulls out her phone, she finds out that she has trouble unlocking her phone using her fingerprint. It doesn’t quite work with her gloves on, so she decides to use the facial recognition instead. Smartphones nowadays have multiple ways to unlock. You can use a typical PIN entry, but you can also add additional methods of unlocking, such as facial recognition, voice recognition, fingerprints, bluetooth keys, retina scanners, DNA identification readers, or even knowing what your father’s grandmother’s favourite colour is.