Another comic for the week! In this comic, Olivia reveals that she’s really into reading, writing, and even drawing! Without anyone asking, she hands out her homemade business cards, something that she’s pretty proud of, however embarrassing the card may be. In more ways than one, Olivia is sort of parody of myself, accept she’s a whole lot more giddy and annoying. Actually, every character would be a parody of myself in many ways, but I probably relate more to Yogurt than anyone else.

In other news, the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo is creeping up slowly. If you haven’t heard, I will be attending the artist alley at the expo, this coming September 25-27 weekend, here in Edmonton! Come drop by say hi! For more info, check EVENTSAlso, a parallel project called the Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack took off. I have been working on composing several pieces, some of which will be recomposed and arranged by Paul Cecchetti, and some of which will be completely composed and arranged by myself. Music has never been my strong point, but I’m rather determined to bring a soundtrack that I believe the Yogurt series deserves.