Hi everyone! As some of you are aware, I’ve started to work on compiling a Yogurt Original Image Soundtrackand I’ve released a second piece that you can listen to! The soundtrack will consist of a variety of instrumental music inspired by the Yogurt Short Comics series. I’m not going at this alone either. With the help of composer Paul Cecchetti, I hope bring a soundtrack that I hope all my readers will enjoy as an added experience to the healing comic series.

In this comic, Olivia just found out that Berry also entered a youth writing contest, the very same one that she entered last year as well. After finding out that Berry is someone who also enjoys reading and writing, Olivia has her target set on him. There are certain people out there that can go on and on for hours on their favourite subjects and interests. If you happen to share this interest with them, but you don’t quite feel as passionate about it as they are, you might just end up in a similar situation as Berry.