Everybody knows that one person who spoils the story of something that you are watching, reading, or playing. Maybe you are that person. In either case, it’s always fun to discuss stories, theories, or twists of popular movies, games, books, or TV shows. We just sometimes have to be a bit mindful with who we talk to about them. It’s best to have conversation when everyone is on the same track in a particular story.

In this comic, the thing that caught Olivia’s eye from the previous comic was Berry’s book. Olivia exhibits her reading prowess by spoiling Berry of any upcoming twists that he’s about the encounter in his book. Of course, upon hearing of the spoilers, he feels the lack of desire to continue, now that he knows how everything ends. For some people, knowing about spoilers sometimes makes people want to continue on. Maybe it’s denial and they’re just look for confirmation.

Oh, by the way. Spoiler alert for anyone playing a new hit video game as of late. It’s not spoiler if I don’t tell you where it’s from.