Whether you are a reader, or just a passer-by who happened to come across this page, here you will find information regarding what I will be bringing to any future conventions and events that I plan on attending under the independent publisher name, YogurtMedia!

Yogurt Short Comics is first, and foremost, a webcomic series. What I hope to bring to conventions would be the opportunity for any of my readers, both new and old, to pick up a copy of my currently published volume collection comic books, as well as to promote the webcomics online!

In addition, I hope to expand and deliver a variety of works, including Sketch Artist Koko, the latest series of children’s picture books that I’m currently working on!

Available Books (Limited Supplies):


I rate my books to be General – All Ages and Teens Ages 13+. I hope that they can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike! You can start reading my comic series online HERE!

Original CD Albums

Apart from writing comics, I also compose and arrange music, however simple or complex they may be. One of my committed projects involves producing instrumental soundtracks inspired by the stories and characters I’ve created! Comics with soundtracks are far and few in between, so it means a lot for me to also take my love of music and incorporate it into my series!

The Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack is a collection of instrumental pieces inspired by the comic series. The album consists of music composed and arranged by both myself, and guest composer Paul Cecchetti. In addition, I will also be delivering a new album called Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack Vol.2, composed and arranged entirely by myself. Check out Music for more info!

Collectible Goods

Books are only part of the equation. In addition to the books, I will also bring Yogurt merchandise to the table for all my readers who are into collecting little tidbits. These tiny little collectables are great for displaying on your bags, clothing, badges, or anywhere you can attach them to! Every so often, I will be designing a new set of charms or so. The single charms and buttons are also available to Patreon patrons who donate a certain amount every month!

These collectibles include:

  • 1.5″ Acrylic Charms
    • Collect Yogurt and her friends as charms!
  • 1.75″ Pin-back Button
  • YogurtMedia Pop Socket Phone Stand/Holder

These collectables will be available as a set, or as individual goods, and are a good way to display your affection to the series or a particular character from it!

Poster Prints

Last, but not least, I will also be printing out 11″x17″ poster prints of a select few of my Yogurt illustrations that I think would be great for any reader of the series! In Addition, I will also be selling a very limited supply of premium posters, bigger than 20 inches. While it may not be a mural, I’m sure any fan would appreciate the look of having a Yogurt poster to add to their collection. You can take a peek at my Original Artwork Gallery to see all my finished illustrations, sketches, or simple animations!

Where can you find me?

I will be attending the 2019 Edmonton Expo scheduled for September 20-22, so hopefully you can come out and meet me there in person! I will be bringing my comic books, CD albums, and bunch of prints and charms!  Visit for more information about the event!