Last comic for the week! This is EXPO week! This weekend, starting tomorrow, I’ll be exhibiting at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo! I’ll be right inside artist alley, where you’ll be able to meet a bunch of artists, comic artists, illustrators, crafters, and more! Find me there, and I’ll give you a small freebie! For more info, check out Events!

In this comic, Yogurt and Olivia discuss about why Berry got made all of a sudden when Olivia called him by the name “Berry”. In case you haven’t noticed since the start of the series, Yogurt is the only person who calls Gabe by his nickname “Berry”. The name came around a long time back, around the time that Yogurt got her nickname. Olivia suspects that Gabe only lets certain people call him by that name, a very special denotation. Of course, it just very well be that Gabe hates the name just as much, but has learned to let it slide because of how persistent Yogurt is in calling him that.