Last comic for the month, and for Yogurt Short Comics Vol.3! Of course, the book itself still isn’t completed, as there’s a bunch of typesetting and additional pages that need to be done beforehand, but the bulk of Vol.3 has been completed!

Last weekend, I’ve attended the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo as an exhibitor in artist alley. For the first, I was able to publicly promote YogurtMedia and my comics outside of my usual social networks. You can read up on my experiences here: Edmonton Expo Fun!

In this comic, Yogurt wants to confirm if Berry was mad at all after yelling at Livvy. Of course, Berry wasn’t mad at all. He just thought hearing the name “Berry” coming from someone else was embarrassing. Yogurt doesn’t think so, in fact, it can be a common given name. Either way, Gabe seems to be embarrassed by the name regardless. It kind of makes me wonder why he doesn’t mind at all when Yogurt calls him that.

I will cover a little more on the origin of both Yogurt and Berry’s nickname in the Vol.3 release extra comics. For those who preordered, I hope you look forward to it!