Another comic for the week! Ada is feeling a little pissed off. As she gets up and prepares to leave, Risa follows her wondering if she had said something wrong that ticked off Ada. Ada turns around and berates Risa with a bit of her own insight to the industry they’re entering in. Ada is very much aware of the variety of systemic discrimination, corporate patriarchy and general distaste for change among the tech industry. Ada gives Risa a stark warning about some of the things that she might come to see once they’re out there working for a company. This is a Ada’s primary motivation for her pursuits, a very strong contrast to Risa’s more naive and innocent motives.

Although by this point in 2020, women working in STEM and all sorts of tech careers have become fairly widespread and accepted among those who helm the industry, even sharing very much equal opportunities and benefits. However, Ada argues that the things that have once held back women from working these kinds of jobs still exist and are still a problem for a lot women entering the industry. All in all, this is a topic that Ada feels very strongly about, to the point that it agitates her and makes her out to be a bit of an angst. Risa stands there, dumbfounded, wondering what in the world did she do to get on Ada’s bad side.