A new comic for the week! Ada vents her frustration to Risa in this comic. In the comics before this, we’ve heard of Risa’s more innocent motives for wanting to keep going on in her studies. But as we hear more of Ada’s side, we start to see that Ada has deeper thoughts and feelings surrounding her motivation for her studies. She seems to be quite aware of the various inequalities to be expected in the industry that she’s studying for, and is going as far as to make that one of her main reasons for continuing her pursuit. In a lot of ways, Ada’s motives are more rooted in negative nature, angst, and distaste for the existing corporate systems that you can find in the industry, while Risa’s  motives are more childlike, positive, and optimistic.

Although these two seem to get along alright in their meetings throughout their studies, they both very clearly have different ideologies and philosophy in their studies, despite the fact that the two of them share a common goal of wanting to become successful in their field of study and to make a lasting impression on their peers and superiors.