Risa finally gets around to talk to one of the advisors in the faculty office. The head advisor isn’t in today, as he’ll be out for the summer months on vacation. However, his second in command is there to keep in charge of the summer terms! Risa’s faculty advisor immediately recognizes Risa, recalling that Risa had graduated with high distinction and has even left a good impression on the company that have participated in student final projects. Risa came to talk about what her directions should be after graduating with her diploma. The advisor suggests honing those skills that Risa has and furthering her education with a BTech degree, which will allow Risa to continue her studies and specialize further in a variety of tech options. But perhaps one of the most important things that Risa will be learning would be all of the economics, management, and leadership subjects that come with this path. Risa is quite the lively character and has grown friendly, yet stern in her convictions. With a bit of practice and extra learning, Risa could play a leading role in her career at some point!