Last comic for the month! I have some big news! My vol.7 books have finally arrived! The books have turned out absolutely beautiful. The larger format feels like it fits the series more. The nicer, heavier photo paper makes the colours pop in a much more Yogurty way, and there’s this overall weighty feeling of it that just feels like the book has a lot of stuff to it, despite only have about a year’s worth of Yogurt material. It’s honestly quite fitting for the Yogurt series, as it appears to have grown up into the Adulthood Arc!

Over the next while, I will be looking into the logistics of shipping these books out to those who have pre-ordered a copy. In addition, I will be printing out a Patreon-exclusive dust jacket that will wrap around the book cover, a token of my appreciation to my patrons who have donated on a month-to-month basis to help keep my series going!

Anyways, this is the last comic of the month. Yogurt talks about how her time looking after the kids at the nursery sometimes reminds her of the times when she was a kid herself being looked after by her late mother. She draws parallels of some of the experiences that she might have shared with her mother, things like looking after rowdy kids who get moody, or watching kids reconcile and return to play. I think that’s why Yogurt likes to spend her time with kids at the nursery. Looking at them brings back the more innocent times Yogurt had when her mother was still around, when the only care in the world she had was just having all the toys and food to play picnic and the likes.