It’s a new month, and I have a new chapter of comics to share! Once again, I’d just like to remind everyone that my Vol.7 books have arrived and that I will be fulfilling all of the pre-orders within the next little while. The books really have turned out amazing and are an upgrade from my older volumes in many ways. Bigger format, heavier paper, and better colours! You can check out my books from my tweets here!

In this chapter, we’re opening up the month of February with Yogurt in class. She has her phone (surprise!) set out on the table while she’s taking notes. She keeps getting messages, and the vibration of her phone on the desk is getting a bit annoying. She can’t really be looking at her phone while taking notes, so she picks it up and tries to put it on mute. However, she messed up a bit, and suddenly her phone is playing message chimes loudly, enough that the class was able to hear it.