A new comic for the week! This chapter is coming to a close really soon as the month is coming to an end. I’m also very happy to announce that my books have finished printing and that I will be receiving them very shortly, probably within the next week or so. I really do look forward to showcasing them and have a Patreon-exclusive dust jacket made for them!

In this comic, Yogurt is over at Berry’s house on one of their free days. Yogurt had been volunteering quite a bit of her time to looking after kids at Olivia’s nursery, something that she had taken a liking for over time. Naturally, it means that Yogurt is slowly learning all the little nuances that go into looking after children of various personalities. In a way, these experiences are very beneficial for her in the long run, helping her become a better elementary school teacher or mother in the future. Speaking of mother, it did lead Berry questioning a little as he wonders if Yogurt wants to raise kids of her own sooner rather than later. With them turning 19 years old in 2020 and them being in their second year of college, the thought of them becoming parents is still quite a ways out there. Rationally, it would be something to think about once they are much older and absolutely ready to take that step, if at all.