A new comic for the week! It’s a new month, and I’m back from the hectic October! I was gone on a vacation overseas to visit family, along with finishing Inktober and stuff. This month, I have some news! Yogurt Short Comics Vol.7 is now open for pre-orders! You can pre-order my book HEREPre-orders are once again free to place and cancel at anytime! In addition to pre-orders for Vol.7, I also have the entire Childhood Arc volumes available as a digital download! That is each volume in PDF/Ereader format for download!

In this comic, Yogurt is about to start her fall reading week! This is the period in the fall semester where students take a break from classes. Many students use this time to continue studying on their own, but there’s also a lot of other students who would use this time to unwind, especially with all the stress going around. Anne catches up with Yogurt before she leaves for the day. As it turns out, Anne wants to meet up with Yogurt over reading week for some coffee. She knows just the place to have coffee to!