Another comic for the week! One of the things that I’ll be mainly doing between now and January would be to redesign the formatting for the Yogurt Short Comic books for Volume 7 and onwards. Being a new story arc entirely, I’ve opted to change the format to signify the distinction between the Adulthood and Childhood arcs. This does mean that I will have to redesign from the bottom up again, as a lot of my old templates used for designing the book will no longer be applicable to the format. I expect to experiment lots over the coming weeks!

In this comic, Yogurt and Berry have arrived at the cafe that Anne wanted to meet them at! As it turns out, unsurprisingly, it’s the very same cafe that Risa really likes, and it’s also the same cafe that Maddy works at. As Yogurt and Berry enter the cafe, they were greeted by Anne who was sitting at a far table. As they approached each other, Anne reaches out and pinches Berry’s cheek. Being a bit of a tease, she compliments Berry’s face for continuing to look young despite being in school and exposed to a lot of stress from the workload. It doesn’t take too much of school before students look dead tired from all the studying or stress from the piling assignments and exams.