A new comic for the week! Once again, I’d just like let you know that I am taking Vol. 7 pre-orders right now!  The book is coming along well, but there’s still lots to reorganize and make from the ground up again. By the looks of things, the book will be coming up to around ~120 pages in total. The new format will let me squeeze two comics per page!

In this comic, Yogurt and Berry met up with Anne at the cafe! While the three of them are catching up with each other, Anne can’t help but wonder something that was on her mind for a while. Last year, she met Yogurt and Berry for the first time since middle school. She’s aware that the two of them are engaged now, but wonders something rather that kind of hinges on being a little intrusive. She asks if the two of them have done anything in the bedroom together. And yes, she means the more adult-activities. While the two of them have certainly reached the age where adult things like that are rather common place,  Yogurt still feels a little embarrassed of the matter, and Berry outright tells the truth and said that they haven’t done anything explicit yet. These two dorks aren’t quite ready for things like that. However, cuddles, kisses and hugs are fine.