One last comic for the month! This month has been a fun one! Not only did I finish inktober, but I also did so while traveling overseas to visit family! There’s a lot to look forward to for the Yogurt series. In case you haven’t noticed yet, Vol.7 is slated to be published very soon, so I’m currently taking pre-order placements in my online shop. In addition to taking pre-orders, I have also added a new addition to the shop: The Complete Childhood Arc Digital Collection! This is the very first time I’ve offered digital versions or ebooks of my volume collection books, so it gives me great pleasure to be able to offer the entire Childhood Arc collection (Volume 1 to 6) in this format!

In this comic, Risa is about to head on home after having dinner together with Terry and his sister. Terry walks Risa over to the nearest bus stop and patiently waits alongside with her for the bus, just to see her off. He suggests to Risa that they should meet up more often and have regular family dinners like this. Risa is quite happy with Terry’s offer, and would like to take upon it in the future again!