Hi everyone! I’m back with another comic! It’s looking like the Vol.7 books won’t be arriving until February. Despite the book being completed, it’s arrival will be limited to the whims of the printers. But that’s okay. As long as it arrives, I’ll be able to prep them all up and send them out! Remember, Patreon pre-order copies will be coming in a nice custom dust jacket! I really do want to show you how that will look, but only once I have a copy on hand.

In this comic, Yogurt’s mom takes Yogurt up for nap time. She even mentions that after nap time, they could go over next door and pay a visit to their neighbour’s! Upon hearing this, Yogurt herself didn’t quite seem too happy. In fact, she seems a little reluctant, as if she doesn’t really want to go over to her neighbour’s. And upon hearing Gabriel’s name, Yogurt quickly turns around. I guess when they were younger, Yogurt didn’t really like Gabe all too much. But then again, young Yogurt was all sorts of different from today’s Yogurt.