A new comic for the week! Once again, I’d just like to remind all patrons who had pre-ordered a copy of Vol.7. The book is currently printing! It’ll be a while before I’ll receive them, so not to worry! Invoices will only be sent out once I have the books on-hand and I’ve calculated all the shipping costs.

In this comic, young Yogurt and Berry are playing together! Well, sort of. While Yogurt is getting stuff ready to play picnic, Yogurt and Berry’s mothers watch over them. When Yogurt was young, she was quite a bit more bratty and bit more of a bully. In previous comics, young Yogurt even showed being irritable, especially when Berry had clung on to her like a needy little brother. It’s almost night and day when we see what kind of person Yogurt grew up to be compared to her younger self.