Another comic for the month! I have some good news to share! Yogurt Short Comics Vol.7 has officially been published! Pre-orders for the book are now closed, and the final print count has been gathered. It’s been a rather grueling couple of months in putting together the bulk of the book. Unlike my previous volumes, this book is a completely new format. Page layouts, text, and even the general software used for putting it all together are all very new to me, so building this book from the ground up took quite a bit of time. Now that the book has been completed, the last stretch is just to wait for the finished and printed copies to be received from the printers. It might take a while, but I’d like to thank you for your patience!

In this comic, Yogurt is watching TV together with her parents! She’s super curious as to what is on the TV, so she walks up really close as she is drawn in by the sounds and the pictures on the screen. Her parents tell her that she should back away from the TV, otherwise she might burn her eyes out and wear glasses like Papa (Turns out she ends up wearing glasses in the future anyways). Yogurt sees a goose on the screen and is immediately excited! She swings her toy towards to the TV, smacking it against the screen. She likely damaged it, but then again, TVs of this time were quite heavy and durable.