Continuing on from the last comic, it’s Yogurt’s turn to speak. Berry revealed that he has been feeling very down lately. His overall self-esteem and personal outlook in life have diminished. There are things that he questions about himself, things like his self-worth, his direction in life, and fear of never finding something that he personally looks forward to in himself.

Yogurt, being Yogurt, plays her part in reassuring Berry that there is still much to look forward to. She reminds him that he is worth a whole lot to her, not only as a friend, but also as a fiancee and future husband. While there are still lots of untold hardships that could happen in the future, there’s also the prospect of lots of happy things to look forward to in their lives together. She reminds Berry that she’s there with him all the way as they both navigate the uncharted waters of adulthood. Berry might not have a direction in life right now, but Yogurt is certainly there by his side to ensure that he doesn’t get lost all alone.

Perhaps somewhere along the way in their relatively newly founded relationship, Berry forgot that he’s not really alone. In a way, I think this is a good chapter for Yogurt to pry open Berry and get him to be more open about his feelings, moreso now than ever in the past. Berry was never really good at expressing his feelings, for the better or worse.