A new comic for the week!

Berry is finally talking to Yogurt about how he’s feeling lately. Over the last few comics, Yogurt has been trying to get him to open up a bit about his feelings. She noticed that Berry has been quieter than usual, and he even skipped class, which is unlike his character. There’s a bit more to the story that Yogurt doesn’t know, but she certainly has felt it.

In this comic, Berry reveals that he harbours a bit of envy towards Yogurt. Yogurt, despite her struggles and such, displays a level of determination that keeps her going. She has a goal in mind. She wants to become a teacher, and she’s working very hard to get there. Berry, on the other hand, doesn’t have that same level of determination. He doesn’t have a goal in mind. There is no direction. He’s taking college courses, and he still doesn’t really know what it is that he wants to do in his life. Every morning, Berry greets himself in the mirror with poorer outlook with each passing day. Whatever self-worth he feels, it’s slowly decaying. Enough for him to skip classes over.

Perhaps he really was looking for Yogurt on campus, knowing that she’s off-class during this time. Maybe this is a chat he needs.