Another comic for the week!

In the last comic, Yogurt reassured Berry as best as she kind then. With Berry increasingly become more uncertain and depressed over the course of his time in university, all that reassurance and validation of his self-worth becomes one of his last driving forces for him moving forward. It’s difficult to imagine what it would be like if Berry were unable to have the support base that he has now, but I know for certain that things would be a lot tougher without Yogurt around to help encourage and give him the emotional support that he needs. And one of the things that he can start doing to help minimize his anxieties is to actually talk about it with people he can really trust. And that can start with opening up to his future wife, Yogurt.

In this comic, after arriving home and throwing herself on her bed, Yogurt’s still a little bit worried about Berry. Today was quite long for both of them and also a bit more emotionally involved. Yogurt sends a message to Berry, wondering if he got home safely. He replies back quickly with a bit of bite, as if trying to calm a nagging mom. They both got off at the same bus stop and walked home together. They parted ways at each other’s doorsteps too. Remember, they also live right across the street from each other.