This is it! The beginning of a brand new chapter in Yogurt’s life! For a lot of students growing up, high school is that awkward time in their lives where they transition from being kids to young adults eager to jump into their future. It seems that with every passing generation, that transition time widens, maybe even pushed back a bit. It really depends on a lot of factors, I suppose.

In this comic, Yogurt is excited to check out the new school and meet new faces, but before she heads out, she goes over to Berry’s house to wake him up, as usual. However, unlike every other day before, Berry is wide awake and is ready to head out the moment Yogurt arrived. A rare sight for Yogurt. Perhaps Berry too is excited for their first day in high school!

Just a heads up! On September 25-27, I will be attending the Edmonton Expo, promoting the Yogurt series! You’ll be able to meet me in person and even purchase convention exclusive goods from me! Read up on it here: EVENTS