One last comic for the month! This comic will also mark the end of this year’s summer chapter. With the high school chapter just around the corner, I wasn’t too sure with how to end this chapter. Rather than having end with a bang, I wanted an ending that will leave things open for development in future chapters.

In this comic, Yogurt watches the meteor shower. She realizes that this is a chance to make a wish. Whether or not people believe that those kinds of wishes come true, Yogurt reflects on the kind wish that she wants anyways. As she wonders, she looks to Berry. Was he also thinking of a wish, or was he simply just admiring the sight? Lost for words, Yogurt looks back up. Perhaps she herself hasn’t decided on what it is that she really wishes for, or maybe she does but keeps quiet anyways. Maybe Yogurt’s wish already came true, we can’t be sure. If anything’s for certain, it is that Yogurt will have all of the time ahead of her to come up with a wish.

Next month will be a big one! I’ll be starting the high school chapter, and there’s going to be quite a few new things in store for Yogurt!