The first comic to a fresh new arc, the Adulthood Arc! Yogurt had just graduated from high school, gone on a nice vacation with Berry, and even went as far as to finally tell him how much she loves him. With so many major changes, I’m happy to continue the series once again, this time following Yogurt through her time in college and young adulthood.

In this comic, Yogurt is anxiously lying in her bed hugging her body pillow. She had laid there nervous, anxious, and excited for all the things that are coming. The first day of her university education program is about to start. It’s already morning, and it looks like she wasn’t able to get any sleep at all.

She has plenty to be excited for, as with any new student starting their very first year in a new institute. Books, classes, new routes, new people… She has so so much to be excited for. She’ll need to get ready soon. Luckily, she’ll be able to go to school in the mornings with Berry.