Hi everyone! I have a new comic for the week, which also happens to be comics #888!! I have some other good news. I have my table number confirmed for the upcoming Edmonton Comic Expo! I will be doing lots of con prepping over the next two weeks. I’ll also be updating everyone about where, when, and what I’ll be bringing to the convention!

In this comic, Yogurt and Berry have their first day of classes at university! They have a different route to take in the morning, where they have to use their city’s public trains to get there. Luckily, they still can spend their morning commutes together. Sometimes people’s schedules don’t really line up that nicely, at least in the later years.

Yogurt is complaining about the weight of all the textbooks that she’s bringing with her to campus. It’s a bit heavy for her. As she looks over to Berry, she notices that Berry is kind of quiet and trembling on the spot. He’s doing his best to carry a huge backpack filled with who knows what. Textbooks, lunch, a laptop… Some first year students can’t decide what to bring, so they sometimes bring everything. Hopefully, they’ll decide to rent a locker or somewhere to store their stuff on campus.