Hi everyone! A new comic for the week! We’re getting pretty close to the end of the month. It’s been a nice one. I’ve kept Berry’s career choice vague because I knew I would be exploring this aspect of Berry at some point in the adulthood arc. It’s a case where Berry had a passion in something that he recognized wasn’t going to be a source of practical income for him and Yogurt. However, in the situation that Berry is in, he has a lot of headroom to actually pursuit his writing career.

Sometimes during the college years, it can be tough. Pressure mounts on students to decide what they want to do for their careers, leading people to make choices that they might not be happy with sometime down the road. Berry was one of many students who wasn’t quite sure what to do, even after graduation. But today, Yogurt is encouraging Berry to give his hand a shot at writing, especially since it was something that he had wanted to do for years, but was hesitant to. Not only that, Yogurt is also reminding him that he’s not alone on this journey of life.