Hi everyone! I am back again for the month of February with a new month of comic to share! It’s going to be a shorter month, maybe, as there’s fewer days to spread out for the month. But I do have a chapter that’s going to be fun to work on! I’ll be returning to exploring more Risa and Terry for this chapter, perhaps for the Valentine’s Day season!

In this comic, Risa is just about wrapping up her stream for the evening. However, as the stream is coming to a close, a bunch of members in her chat have been asking if she’s going to be doing anything for the upcoming Valentine’s Day event. At first she thought that they mean stuff like for the stream. However, some eagled eye viewers actually brought up her boyfriend, Terry. Of course, this catches Risa a little bit off guard. Terry did join on her streams a few times in the past, but he’s very much mostly been sitting out of the scene.

In other news, I’ve reached approximately 45K words in my upcoming Enya novel! There’s still a lot of work left to do, so even if I finish the first draft, there will continue to be revisions and rewrites afterwards. Nevertheless, I’m having a lot of fun putting together the story. A recent chapter I’ve written showed some scenes that really made me feel pretty bad for Enya. She’s very much a broken girl, but there’s an earnest effort on her part to piece herself together as the story expands and progresses forward.