One more comic for the week! Just a bit of a heads up! I’ve reached another milestone in my upcoming first novel for My Lonely Orphan Vampire Enya! I’ve crossed the 40K word milestone for my first draft, making it roughly at the halfway point of the story before reaching the climactic moments of the first volume. So far the story has been a blast to work on, but there’s still plenty of work ahead, plus even more editing and revisions to come before publication.

In this comic, Berry reveals to Yogurt one of the things that he’s been keeping from her, and even from himself, since his time in university. For years, he’s been wanting to become an author, somebody who wants to write and share his stories with others. However, he felt like it wasn’t the career path that would be practical for the two of them. Berry was envious of Yogurt, as she was able to achieve her dream career of becoming a teacher. For himself, he’s had to simply settle for something that he didn’t necessarily have much passion for in order to have something on his resume and perhaps earn money to pay any bills. Yogurt sits him down to help him express his deep thoughts about his life’s trajectory.