Hi everyone! I have another comic to share for the week! This month is quickly coming to a close, so I’m just going to finish off the last couple of comics early this week!

I’ve been wanting to explore this for a while, with Livvy working with children at a nursery. Yogurt, in particular, is quite intrigued. Yogurt is studying to become a teacher herself, so perhaps getting to know more about what Livvy does at a nursery might even open up opportunities for Yogurt to explore the field. As Livvy reminisces on her experiences at work, she talks about all the fun things that she does together with the kids, and how they can sometimes be angels, and sometimes, well… little devils. But that’s just simply what kids are like, especially when they come in groups. As a caretaker/teacher for young kids, it can be a tough job, but I like to think that Livvy finds it rewarding in many ways.