Hi everyone! I have a new comic to share for the week! We’re quickly approaching the end of this month’s chapter!

In this comic, Olivia is talking a little bit more about where she works. Both Risa and Yogurt are excited to hear that she is working, and at a nursery too! In Yogurt’s eyes, she always thought that Olivia would be really good around kids, with her having a bright and uplifting personality to boot. For Olivia, she is just happy to have found something to do after high school. Working at a nursery is a start, but it’s a solid start for Olivia, who didn’t quite have any future plans in mind after graduating high school.

With Olivia now established to be working at a nursery in this chapter, it does bring up a lot of opportunities in the future for me to write about! It’ll be rather exciting, and I hope to take advantage of it!