One more comic for the week! After playing a few video games together and such, Olivia’s maid brought in some food for everyone to feast on. She even brought a small table for them! Olivia reflects a bit on how she missed having get-togethers like this. With work and school now taking up the bulk of Yogurt and her friends’ time, it becomes a little bit harder to actually meet up together. Schedules need to line up nicely.

Olivia reveals to Yogurt and everyone else that she now works at a nursery! In a way, Olivia is in school, it’s just that she’s the one teaching and looking after the kids. In a way, it’s quite fitting for Olivia, who is already very bright and happy go lucky! The fact that Livvy works with a nursery immediately caught the attention of Yogurt, who is currently studying to become a certified elementary school teacher. Perhaps at some point, Yogurt will look to Olivia for advice or opportunities.