One last comic for the month! Thank you everyone for following my comics for this long! This chapter closes off with Yogurt asking Olivia for a volunteer opportunity with the nursery! Yogurt is particularly interested because it’s a somewhat relevant field to what she is studying. Yogurt is working hard in university to acquire teachers certification in order to teach in elementary schools in the future. With her first college year coming to a close, she’s still eager to teach kids, so any little taste of what that’s like would intrigue Yogurt. As far as we’re concerned, Yogurt does not have much experience with kids, so this could perhaps make or break her future career path.

Hehe, Yogurt is so close to finishing her first year of college, which is a bit of a drag for a lot of people, as it tends to be filled with lots of general studies. But by the time the second year comes around, things start to get a little more specific. Should Yogurt get some experience teaching kids, even if it’s at a nursery, it could serve to be a valuable experience that she can document.