One more comic for the week! We’re approaching the end of the month. July has zipped by pretty quickly!

In this comic, Berry continues on with his honest opinion about Yogurt’s apparent weight gain. After berating Yogurt with sharp realizations, Berry switches over to wanting to give comfort to Yogurt, the reassurance that regardless of how much Yogurt has gained over the year, he still loves her the same way he always had. He reminds Yogurt just how much he cares by telling her of all the recent activities they’ve been doing together to help. Getting out of the house and going for walks, watching the things they eat and picking out healthier options. He even suggested going for a swim, which is a good cardio workout that helps to burn those calories. Swimming is something that Berry is deathly scared of, so for him to suggest it means that he’s willing to go outside of his comfort zone for Yogurt.