Another comic for the week!

Yogurt and Berry are having a little stroll through one of the parks that Olivia suggested to them. Yogurt brings up a question that has been bothering her for quite a while, at least ever since she weighed herself on the scale. She wanted to know Berry’s personal, most honest opinion about her apparent weight gain, her size and physique. Even though Yogurt doesn’t particularly care very much about what others think of her, Yogurt still places a significant amount of emphasis on Berry’s perception of her. After all, Yogurt doesn’t quite want to feel like she’s not worthy for him, be it in appearance or anything. In her mind, it matters a lot, especially if they are slated to get married in the future. This is something that perhaps Yogurt will come to realize is wrong to think of. It might just need to take some time for her to realize that.

And just like what she asked, Yogurt got Berry’s most honest opinion. Berry’s words were sharp and painful, reminding Yogurt that she can’t blissfully ignore her weight gain like it’s a normal thing. For her have a gain of nineteen to her weight within a year is something to definitely consider solutions for. Perhaps Berry is just bullying her with words, but maybe… Maybe Berry is just that worried for her so he’s trying to make things sound urgent. After all, he’s willing to take Yogurt out on more walks as of late. And Berry isn’t exactly the most outdoorsy kind of person.