Last comic for the month! This month has been rather special. I’ve been wanting to address Yogurt’s weight for quite some time now. Anyone who’s been closely watching how I’ve been drawing Yogurt over the last ~two years might have noticed that Yogurt’s physique has been progressively growing (in some ways, more womanly). It’s a little bit of a phenomenon that occurs to individuals shortly after high school. For some people, the change can be quite dramatic. The body’s metabolism starts to drop/stabilize and it starts to take in more weight. Being exposed to all the food on campus, coupled together with college stresses not previously found in earlier years, Yogurt was quick to put on a bunch of extra pounds which went mostly unnoticed on her end until after finishing her first year of college.

But it’s not at all a bad thing entirely. What Yogurt may not yet realize herself is that the weight she’s put on isn’t actually all that bad for her physique. Much of that weight is pretty well-distributed, giving Yogurt a much more distinctly womanly figure that often comes to girls like Yogurt. The sudden shift and weight gain is certainly a shocker for Yogurt, especially since her ideal physique is more akin to a very slender and fashionable Olivia. In these last few comics, Berry, Yogurt’s fiancee and future husband, reminds her that he still loves her regardless of how much extra mass she puts on. He is even willing to help Yogurt live a more healthy lifestyle, encouraging better eating and exercise habits, even if it means making compromises on his end. He is willing to do anything to make Yogurt feel less worried and making her feel more comfortable just being herself.

In this comic, Yogurt looks at a few parkgoers passing by, one of them with a drink on hand. It’s bubble tea! Yogurt is craving a bit of it, however, she tries to hold herself back. She shouldn’t be taking in heavy and sugary drinks. Berry, who had been encouraging of Yogurt this whole time to eat and drink more healthily, suggested otherwise. He reminds Yogurt that it’s okay to still treat yourself every once in a while. It’s a pretty important step in living a more healthy lifestyle.