One more comic for the week!

Yogurt just got her exam back. In the end she was pleasantly surprised! She ended up getting a higher mark than she’s ever gotten before. To her, it was most definitely an accomplishment, even if others got a much higher score. When she asked Berry what his marks were, she immediately cut him off from finishing his sentence, so as to not diminish her sense of accomplishment. A bit rude on her part, but rather understanding if she’s pretty insecure about it.

As for a bit of news, I have been confirmed a spot for the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo, this coming September 25-27. For the first time, I will be attending a convention to promote YogurtMedia and my webcomic series! You can read more of my thoughts on it on my blog post. I’ve also updated my Events Page with more information about the venue and where to find me when the time comes around.