Preorders for Vol.3 are now open!

This announcement will be a little quieter. I’ll be posting this up on my other social media profiles once I’ve ironed out a few things with regards to the site. That’s not to say that you can’t preorder. My online store is fully-functional, and I’ll be able to receive all orders!

Preorders are much less complicated this time around. Simply add the preorder to the cart and checkout with your address and details! It is free to place a preorder, and there are no cancellation penalties. Final invoices  will be sent out once the books are in, and all shipping fees have been calculated. This process is a whole lot more simpler than last year’s endeavor, which involved a deposit and a couple other hoops that made the experience a little stressful.

What about Vol.1 and Vol.2? How can I get those?

For those looking to pick up my first two volumes, I can assure you that I have another very limited print run scheduled, hopefully around Fall 2015. I currently have stock that is reserved for a future artist alley event. Should I have any books left after that, I will also be making those available for online purchase!